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Private, Quiet silence broken by crickets

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Cozy Cottages with Luxuriant Views

Lodge Cottages

The lodge has 12 fully fledged cottages that are named after gorillas of the nearby Mghahinga National Park. Each cottage sits among an untapped wilderness with luxuriant views of the awe-inspiring sunrise and radiant sunset, and the soundtrack is the surf pounding the sand on lodge’s private beach.

Each cottage is airy and has plenty of space in which to daydream. Inside, the spaces are uncompromisingly new and satisfyingly complex for what is quite a small building. All cottages are set apart for privacy. That is something that many of our guests like. However, what they really love is that the rooms are comfortable, quiet and sorrounded by indigenous tree species that attract bird’s species with sweet songs, inclusive of migratory ones like the African Harrier hawk. At night, you will be given a hot water bottle to warm up your bed. Your health is at the heart of everything we do. That's why the rooms have mosquito nets to protect you from catching malaria.

If you fancy coming out in the moonlight to catch sight of nocturnal birds, brace yourself for a rewarding encounter with the barn owl, a species adored across the continent for being wise and prudent.

Single Cottage

This cottage is en-suite with 1 Single bed and spacious with the lake views, the difference from other rooms is that you have your room to yourself.

Double Cottage

This cottage has a double bed and it is occupied by a couple, it is en-suite, spacious, comfortable & cozy, it has a private porch with views of Lake Mulehe.

Twin Cottage

Here we have 2 Single beds, it is en-suite and can be occupied by 2 people, and it is very spacious and comfortable.

Tripple Cottage

Three adults can comfortably share this room (it can be a family, friends, it has 3 single beds, very spacious and comfortable and en-suite with views of lake Mulehe.

Family Cottage

If you are a family of 4, this is what you need especially if you have children, it has 2 self-contained rooms, a double & a single bed setting in each with an interconnecting door. This cottage has the best views of Lake Mulehe as it is a few meters away from the Lake, with a private spacious porch.

Facilities within your cottage include:

  • En suite shower
  • Flushing toilet
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • Reading Table
  • Luggage Rack
  • WiFi available in main lounge area